Teacher Approved Snack List

Back to School Snack List

It's Back-to-School time!   Parents - are you looking for some healthy snacks to send to school?  Teachers - are you hoping your students will bring snacks to school that are healthier and not very messy?  I've created a printable list for you below. … [Read more...]

Dear Moms, Let’s talk about August

Tips for moms getting ready for fall

I hope you've had a wonderful summer.  Filled with family, picnics, and fun.... at least that was the plan at the beginning of summer.  Wasn't it?  Now we're nearing the end of summer and it's Back-to-School time.  I have mixed emotions because I … [Read more...]

School Bulletin Board


School Bulletin boards don't just happen overnight.  They are dreamed about, researched, and painstakingly put together.  This got my attention just like the silhouette parade did.  I love to highlight professionals who have an eye for something … [Read more...]

Real Advice for Middle School Boys

Real Advice for Junior High Boys

Looking for REAL advice for your Middle School son before he starts school?  I've written about getting organized for school, but nothing tells the truth like this one.  Advice from a real 7th grader, one who just finished his first year of middle … [Read more...]

Tissue Paper Sun Catcher

Sun Catcher from Coloring Book

Tissue Paper Sun Catcher.  I just spent some time with my awesome nieces.  They love to make crafts and they'd seen the movie Inside Out.  We combined the two and made a coloring pages sun catcher.  I'm telling you, this is genius. So simple.  I love … [Read more...]