Tween BOY Hygiene

Hygiene Helpers for Tween Boys

Tween Boy Hygiene - in no particular order, let me share things I'm learning about young men and hygiene.   Shampoo  My son's hair was starting to look quite greasy, even though he was showering every day.  Too much hair product?  Wrong … [Read more...]

How to Organize Family Winter Gear

Organize Family Winter Gear

Winter Gear:  Hats, Scarves, Mittens, Gloves, Ear Muffs... OH MY!   Winter gear is just the reality where we live and we seem to have a lot of it.  We're only a 4 person family and everyone seems to have 2 of everything.  We also have gear for … [Read more...]

The Secret to Opening Christmas Presents

This is our secret to making Christmas presents last just a little bit longer.

Our Secret to opening Christmas Presents is a Scavenger Hunt!  Parents like to call it "How to Make Opening Presents Last Just a Little Bit Longer!" Sometimes the last gift on Christmas morning can be a little anti-climactic.... for both the … [Read more...]

How to Draw a Reindeer (with printable directions)

How to Draw a Reindeer Class

This is a perfect activity for all ages!  I've done the activity in a classroom,  with my own child, and with a large group of women (ice breaker Christmas game).   It would also be a fun family Christmas activity. Wouldn't it be funny to see who can … [Read more...]

Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, VA

10 Tips for a successful trip to Christmas Town.

Ten tips for visiting Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, VA.  "Where Christmas shines brightest".  I'd have to say this is true with its 8 million lights! When we travel to Williamsburg during the holiday season, Christmas Town is a … [Read more...]