Get Started with your Elf on the Shelf

So, you're thinking about putting your big toe into the Elf-on-the-Shelf waters.  Not sure how to get started or if you really want to add this to your Christmas traditions?  I hear you.  If I went back in time, would I do the Elf again?  Maybe, … [Read more...]

Keepsake Handprint

One of the sweetest keepsakes I have is the handprint of my children.  There is just something about their squishy little fingers preserved for a long time.  I enjoyed making the little hand and footprints when my kids were under six months.  Now … [Read more...]

Words with Family – Magnetic Scrabble Board

Have you ever had a project that when you're finished with it, you just adore?  I love making things for others and actually don't keep much of it for myself.  This project was different.  I knew exactly what I wanted, where I wanted it to be placed, … [Read more...]

Yarn Star Ornaments

You like the fancy projects, they like the messy ones.  How do you find one that meets the needs of everyone?  You may just with this Christmas project and it cost zero dollars.  This ornament looks beautiful and is easy for little hands.  Just check … [Read more...]

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Searching for Simple Elf on the Shelf Ideas?  This post is full of over 25 ideas or 3.5 weeks that we've done in our house.  I love that they're all in one place for you to use for planning.  In the past, we did Super Elf, Candy Cane Swing, and even … [Read more...]