All About My Teacher Questionnaire {with printable}

All About My Teacher Questionnaire {with printable}

Looking for the perfect teacher gift?  We know they don’t want anymore apples or ceramic figurines (see Give This!  Not that!)
This little gem is free and priceless!  I have a new one that also includes one for male teachers (click here).
It’s time to interview your kids and see what they think the facts are about their teachers.
Kids believe the funniest things!  Think about the wonderful, adorable interviews you’ve received for Mother’s Day!
Your child’s teacher took the time to make those cute notes for you, now it’s your turn to share the love.

Perfect for Preschool, Kindergarten, and First Grade students.

My first grader completed it on his own.  PreK-K students may need some help.  I thought it was hilarious that he wrote that she likes to drink chocolate milk and sit at her desk!  For the record, I’ve never seen her sit down!
Printable here:  My teacher interview

My story:
I’ll never forget running into a student at Home Depot!  She was shocked and ran to the next aisle, whispering to their mom, “I saw my teacher over there!”  They can’t believe that I have a real first name (it’s not Mrs.), have my own kids, drive a car, go to Target, and have more than 3 toes (this was investigated during story time, because my sandals only showed 3 of my 5 toes).

A fun book to go along with this activity is Mrs. Malarkey Doesn’t Live in Room 10  (available here from Amazon).

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  1. What a cute idea! My daughter’s teacher helped her do something similar for Mother’s day, and it was so fun to see what she wrote about me :)

  2. This is such a precious idea, I pinned it onto our Gift Board too. Thanks for sharing on our Afterschool Blog Hop.

  3. You are so right! Children do think teachers live at school.

  4. Love this. My little one loves her teacher so much she is going to really enjoy this!

  5. This is so cute!! I love the line that says she likes to spend her time sitting at the desk. Kids really do say the funniest things.

  6. JeniDMP says:

    Oh dear, I can’t figure out how to print it with Google Docs. :(

  7. I love this website



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