April Fools Fun for Families

April Fools Fun for Families

April Fools is just around the corner.  Have you come up on any practical jokes to play on your family?  When my kids were little, they loved “closing” the bathroom.  Now they make up their own jokes and their own signs (see below).  To see some of our past fun including the popular Cheetos/carrots swap click here.

Busy Kids = Happy Mom also has a Pinterest Board of kid friendly ideas click here.

First one, we put out a Chore Camp brochure from Spoonful at breakfast.  This made me laugh so hard (parent humor)!  Click here for the free printable.  The funniest part… my son’s response “Funny but… NO!” :)

Second, we filled up some water bottles and put pin pricks in them.  The water doesn’t come out unless they’re squeezed.  Fortunately, it was a nice day!  We left them on the deck and sent the kids out to retrieve them.  Fun all around!

April Fools Fun with kids

Third, serve them some Brown E’s.  Get it?  Brownies?  I made sure I had some real ones so they didn’t think I was too mean.  I probably gave myself away by serving it on my fancy Dollar Store platter, rather than a paper towel!

Fourth, my son surprised us all by making the sink “out of order”.  Pretty cute.

April Fools Fun for Families

For even more ideas, click here!

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  1. Great! Families have far too little fun built into their day!
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