The b and d confusion – use your thumbs!

Confusing the b and d?  Here’s a “handy” trick to remember them and put this problem to bed!

Thanks to Pinterest and the following blogs for illustrating a solution to a problem that helps kids fix this reversal problem.

Come Together Kids

She also uses a similar trick for p and g – check it out here!

Funky First Grade Fun:  She has a great printable here that looks like this:

I’ll say, “Make your bed”, kids put their thumbs together, fix their letters, and keep on writing!  

Last tip of the day:  Here’s a post from Teach Mama that gives a bunch of tips from Word World.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    My mum also told my kids that when they say b their mouth makes a line shape first (and that us the first thing they need to draw), when they d their mouth is a ball shape (so they draw that first)… Also worlds for p vs q.



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