DIY Rainbow Loom

DIY Rainbow Loom – are you hooked yet?

It was fun to see the feedback from the last Rainbow Loom post (click here).  So many people are getting on the “band-wagon!”

Are the Rainbow Looms sold out near you?  At our house we already owned one loom, but we had more people who wanted to “loom” at the same time.  So, my husband and son created a DIY Loom, a DIY hook, and a rubber band holder.

Supplies:  Two nails and a block of wood.

DIY Rainbow Loom1

All you need is two nails and a block of wood.  You could use some smaller nails or thumb tacks.  I’ve even heard some kids can do a fishtail design on their fingers or two pencils!  We even tried a serving fork, but the rubber bands kept popping off.

DIY Rainbow Loom

Top:  The loom made out of 2 nails and a block of wood.

Middle:  Egg crate to hold rubber bands.

Bottom:  Hook made out of an opened paper clip, clipped at the top and covered with Duct Tape.

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  1. OK – so does it work well? do your boys like it as much as the one they bought?
    I think we’re gonna try this out before buying one :)

    • Hi Rachel – It totally works with 2 nails for a “fishtail” design. If you add 4 nails you can do even more! Youtube has great tutorials too.

  2. What kind of nails do you use and how far in to put the nails in the wood?

  3. How far apart are the nails?

  4. Thank you so much I have big nails will try it



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