Full "Love Tanks" = Happy Hearts

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Keeping my kid’s little “love tanks” full has been one of my secrets to successful parenting (so far).  When my kids have full love tanks they are happier, play by themselves, fight less, are open to instruction (both discipline and school).  Empty love tanks = the complete opposite!

I also just read this on the Positive Parenting Facebook page:
SIBLING COMPETITION…one of the best strategies to minimize sibling rivalry is to spend 1-on-1 time with each of your kids on a daily basis. FACT: siblings are IN COMPETITION for your ATTENTION. Just 10 minutes once/day of INDIVIDUAL TIME 

with your child when you are FULLY PRESENT will reduce fighting & improve cooperation. Your child’s need for your attention is hard-wired, in her DNA, and non-negotiable. If we give 1-on-1 attention positively and proactively, she doesn’t have to compete to get it.

Kids with full love tanks have better behavior at home and school AND get along better with their siblings!

I described the “love tank” here and the 5 Love Languages in a series of posts starting here.  There’s even a printable Mom’s Guide!

I liked focusing on children, because when you learn about your child’s love language…. you’re also learning about you!

As a mom, I’ve come to understand that if I take care of my emotional health, I’m better equipped to take care of my children.  This also includes putting my relationship with my husband as a top priority.  Being a mom isn’t easy, having a full love tank can help!  

Do you know what your Love Language is?

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  1. Our love tanks have all been running on empty. We just moved 4 states away for my husband’s job and I am having my 4th baby in a week. Everyone is feeling the pain! Cancelled date night this week for family date night tonight. Phew, this is an adjustment!! Thanks for the tips. This was just what I needed to read today.

  2. {{Big Hugs}} to you Heather! Thank you for sharing your heart! I can only imagine how you and your family are feeling.



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