Teaching Kids About Money with Give – Save – Spend Banks DIY

How to make your own Give – Save – Spend bank:

1.  Eat 3 cans of Pringles (try to share them with your family).

2.  Cover them in contact paper (the kind with no real pattern is very forgiving).  You can usually find it at Walmart / Target in the shelf liner area.

3.  Wrap the containers together with electrical tape.  I also wrapped the edges.

4.  Place stickers or write with permanent marker:  Give Save Spend

5.  Carefully slit the top of the cans to allow for coins to go in.

6.  Let your child decorate it!


**I did the majority of this project (just want to be honest), they decorated it themselves.  Took longer than I thought it would.

Note:  Only open one container at a time or else all of the other sections will dump out too!

Latest Update:  I just saw that My Homespun Threads used Crystal Light containers to make her banks.  She even offers printable labels on her site. Check it out here.

To see how we do chores and how much we pay our children go here

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  1. Hey girl! I love this idea! Thanks for visiting my blog eatdrinkandbejesus.blogspot.com. I want to go buy some pringles now 😉

  2. We utilize the same jars in our home…give, save, spend. However, I use mason jars. I love your idea of using pringles containers…I’m always worried about ours breaking. Thanks for sharing!

  3. We were doing the same thing with breakable banks! So nice to have it all in one place now! Go get your pringles!

  4. very cute idea. We always have pringle cans empty ones at that I’ll have to remember this.



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