Schedule Your Child’s Day {printable}

Do you like the types of schedules your child’s teacher uses in the classroom?  Every teacher from preschool through at least 5th grade, puts a schedule on their board.

Bernadette and I have been friends since BK (Before Kids).  She’s an awesome teacher and mom of three children.  I love how she has incorporated some of her teaching techniques into her home.  We’ve talked about sharing this f.o.r.e.v.e.r. and guess what – it’s here!  Link to printable at the bottom.

Do you love the moveable pictures and the pocket chart?  Me too!  Sometimes you can get a mini pocket chart at Target when they have their back-to-school supplies.  Other places to look, click here and here.

She has this great schedule that she uses to let her kids know what the plans are for the day.

First, she keeps the main cards to suggest a framework for the day:

Second, she works with her child to set the schedule for the rest of the day.

Morning Activities on left – Afternoon Activities on right

Third and finally, they read it together and read it again!

Throughout the day they visit the chart and figure out what’s next on the schedule.  She said it’s been a lifesaver!

For more reasons on why you should schedule your day go here.

1.  Put magnets on the back or your cards and stick them on the fridge or a cookie sheet.

2.  Put the cards in a pocket chart.  Pocket charts (similar to the one above – maybe a little smaller) are sometimes available in the dollar section at Target in the summer / fall.

3.  Interested in a timer?  The Time Timer is a secret-to-success tool used by teachers and parents everywhere.  Mine sits next to the laptop for computer time.  It’s silent and visual.  The kids can see their times slipping away.  When times up, there’s a quiet little beep.  Perfect.

Ready to print your own set click {here}

Thank you so much Bernadette!

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  1. This is so great! I can’t wait to use this at my house!

  2. Just printed these out – great selection. Thanks!

  3. Bernadette has such wonderful ideas!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the great idea. My children are much younger than 2nd graders and aren’t reading yet so I printed out clipart pictures to show them their “schedule.” :-)

  5. That’s just great! Having some sort of schedule will help you a lot. Whether it’s pictures or words, whatever works for your family is best!



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