Mom Spotlight: Summer Points for You!

Mom Spotlight!
Ann liked points so much for her kids that she made a list for herself!  I am encouraged by her discipline and the way she’s modeling good behaviors for her 2 boys.

1 Point
* Morning Routine (get dressed, clothes in hamper, brush teeth, make bed, morning chore)
* Put all dishes away that are dry
* Journaling food for the day
* Exercise for the day
* Swish & swipe
* Encourage each boy to do their daily activity
* Schedule mail to be held over vacation

5 Points
* Clean island at the end of the day
* Clean tub at the end of the day
* Order prescription drugs
* Get Lose It For Life reading done on time
* Do Bible Study homework on time
* Get any games/prep for M’s party finished before vacation

10 Points
* Per pound lost
* Clean out junk drawer
* Spackle holes in wall & front door
* Remove all Ann stuff from husband’s office
* Get all of son’s school forms ready
* Sign boys up for swim lessons or tennis
* Organize any cupboard

20 Points
* Organize any closet
* Create keepsake box for each boy
* Get garden ready
* Organize & clean out pantry

50 Points
* Paint any room
* Reach Goal Weight

Prizes – Pick one from each category
20 Points:
Something fun from Home Goods
50 Points:
New Piece of Clothing
Celebrate with husband – movies/dinner/etc
100 Points:
New Outfit
I love this for sooooo many reasons:
1.  She’s a great role-model to her kids.
2.  Helps her stay motivated throughout the day on some of her short-term and long-term goals.
3.  She incorporated some of the things she has to do, with some of the things she wants to do.
4.  She wins prizes too!!

See Ann’s points charts  – click here.  Thanks for sharing Ann!

What do you do to motivate yourself as a mom?

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  1. I like the idea of rewarding myself :) Anything to motivate to get me moving!

  2. I’m with you Heather! Everyday this summer, I’ve thought that I needed a little motivation chart for me! :) I’d love to get rewarded for my hard work!

  3. WAY TO GO ANN!!!!!!!! LOVE your rewards! They’re meaningful and signficiant!


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