Printable Lunch Box Jokes – Round-Up (250+)

It’s Back-to-School time; time to pack healthy snacks and lunches, but don’t forget your lunch box jokes!  For several years I’ve been writing jokes for my kids lunch boxes.  Just a little way to send a bit of love, a little laugh, and some extra reading to lunch each day.  Usually I sit down with a joke book and write a bunch at one time on 3×5 cards.  This has worked great; however, now I’m running out!  Lunch box Jokes for Kids. A simple way to bring a little love to school.
 It’s a well known fact that laughter is good medicine.  I love sending jokes to school with my kids.  I recently resorted to printing some, rather than handwriting them.  In fact, I’ve even found some great books of jokes you can purchase and just rip out on each day.  Great Lunchbox Joke Books: Mini Jokes, Animal Lunch Box Jokes, and Instant Happy Notes

Laughter is Good Medicine

Put them in the lunch box to send some extra love from home.  Sometimes my kids pass the jokes around so everyone can read them.  You know that makes this reading mother’s heart happy!  This is something your kids might like a lot and start a new trend in your family.

Printable Lunch Box Jokes:

Bonus:  Lunch Lines (below) is what we’re using this year and I love it!  It’s around $10 for 180 days of ready to go jokes.  Just tear out and send in the lunch box.  Awesome!

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