Secret Trick to Gingerbread Houses

Secret Trick to Gingerbread Houses

Looking for a faster way to get to decorating part your Gingerbread House?   We all forget how much prep work they take before they can be decorated.  Today I’m happy to share our simplest “secret” trick to the Gingerbread House!  This may cut an hour off your prep time, trust me.  This will free up more time to spend on your other Christmas traditions.

Looking for a secret trick to make a faster gingerbread house?

Fortunately for me, this event is always sponsored by the boy’s Gramom (my mom)!  Yeah for Grand-moms!  They can swoop in and dole out the fun and magic.  Gramom is also responsible for the amazing Gingerbread Cookies.  They are sooooo yummy.   I usually have great intentions for creating those “magical Christmas moments”, but they can easily get lost in the hustle and bustle.

Simple Tips for Making Amazing Gingerbread Houses:

  1. Buy a gingerbread house kit (this one is from Trader Joe’s, but you can purchase it here.
  2. Secret Tip to Making Gingerbread Houses Quickly Get out your glue gun!  This is the best tip you’ll see. No need to wait around for the icing to dry.  Glue the sides to the base for a quick house.  It should dry in less than 60 seconds.  Now use your icing for decorating fun! (Remember:  don’t eat it!)
  3. Have any candy leftover from Halloween?  Pull it out now and decorate away!
  4. Gingerbread House 101 When your Gingerbread House is done, you can add some cotton batting around the edges to look like snow.

Our Favorite Gingerbread Books (affiliate links added for your convenience):


You also might like our Secret Trick to Sand Art or our other Christmas and Elf on the Shelf fun.  Thanks for stopping by Busy Kids Happy Mom for this simple Gingerbread House tip.

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  1. We buy a kit each year too.

  2. OH MY GOSH you are a genius! GLUE GUN!?!?! I host a gingerbread decorating party EVERY SINGLE YEAR and inevitably there will be SOMEONE that comes with an unassembled house and it’s just a nightmare. THIS IS GENIUS!!!!!!! Glue gun… I’ll never forget this! What a great tip! I love this kit too! I think I’ll try TJ next year for our kit!



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