Using a Light Scoop to Improve your Indoor Photography

I’m in love with the Light Scoop!  It’s perfect for taking pictures of things when it’s dark.  Maybe you make cakes or take endless photos of LEGO creations.  This simple attachment can keep you from running around looking for natural light.  It takes the glare off of the object and disperses the light.

Using a Light Scoop

Photography is a huge part of being a mom and a blogger.  Even though I have a DSLR and have taken several courses over the last 20 years, I still need help.  I don’t usually get it right, but I wanted to share a simple fix that is working for me!

If you have a DSLR camera you may be aware that the flash can be really hard on people and objects.  Enter the Light Scoop!  It fits right onto your DSLR and bounces the automatic flash off of the walls and ceiling.  Here are some before and after shots.

Great tip on how using a light scoop can totally improve your indoor photography.  This involves no thinking at all!

Oops – I put the before and after backwards.  Oh well!  you can see the difference the Light Scoop makes.  The left side looks more natural and the right side is so harsh.

In the photo above:  Simple Bike Cake and Scrabble Tile Gifts (click here)

Special thanks to Aubrey at Montessori Mischief for telling me about it!

Using a Light Scoop on your DSLR

Can you see the difference?  I especially notice it on the white horse.

This is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share a product I love!

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