Yarn Star Ornaments

You like the fancy projects, they like the messy ones.  How do you find one that meets the needs of everyone?  You may just with this Christmas project and it cost zero dollars.  This ornament looks beautiful and is easy for little hands.  Just check your craft stash and see if you have the supplies to make this adorable Yarn Star Ornament.  It might not be as easy as the seashell ornament, but it’s a great one to keep little hands busy.

Yarn Star Ornaments
On a side note, I think my box of craft sticks is never ending and it multiplies overnight!  Does this happen to you too?  We also had some scraps of yarn from my mom (the kid’s Gramom).This project made my little guy very happy.  He loved making the star and wrapping it with cool yarn.  I think it felt great in his fingers and it was easy to do.  This only shows one, but this was a never ending project and everyone got one as a Christmas gift.

How to Make Yarn Star Ornament, perfect for even your pickiest crafter.
The hardest part was making the star (when I made it).  When my son made it, he had absolutely no problem!  He is now our official star maker.  I think you could also make these with just a cardboard base.  You don’t necessarily see what’s underneath the yarn, so use what you have.

Yarn Star Ornaments Supplies:

  • popsicle sticks or cardboard for the star
  • glue gun or tape to get the yarn in place
  • yarn

Hang on your tree or a window and enjoy!

These were inspired by the wonderful Twig Stars over at Happy Hooligans with her preschoolers.
Merry Christmas!  Enjoy your Yarn Star!

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  1. Super cute!! Have you linked them to the Sunday Showcase?! :)

  2. Oh – I hope you did! They are sweet and look great on the tree.


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