Reading Family Names, Who Am I?, Name recognition for pre readers

Who Am I? Reading Family Names

Who Am I?  A great book for toddlers, preschoolers, and beginning readers.  It’s a super simple way for kids to recognize family names, review letter sounds and spell their own names.
Kids love to learn their family’s names and love to see them in print!  In the classroom, it can be used with student’s names.  It’s great in the preschool – 1st grade classrooms.
Pre-Reader Directions:  Read the name on the front and check your answer on the back.
Supplies:  4×6 photo book, 4×6 note cards, 1 family portrait (easier to cut just the faces out)
 I found this album at the Dollar Store.  You can also add stickers to the cover for a title.
On 4×6 note cards or card stock write your family member’s names.

On the back (next page) add a small picture of the person.  Check your answer and see if you’re right – enjoy!

This makes a great gift too!

Remember:  Preschoolers can read too {link}!

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  1. My girls love to read all around the house and I think they would enjoy how they can check their answers with the photo on the back. Vicky from

  2. Lovely idea. I must remember this when the twins are a bit bigger.

  3. What a fabulous idea for early readers!! And how fun that they can check to see if they are right!


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